About Us

Welcome and thank you for choosing PriceCo Pets. We are an independent pet supply boutique that specializes in dog and cat supplies. Whether you are searching for that perfect piece of apparel, your dog or cat’s next harness or collar, or a delicious themed tasty treat, we are here to help you find that special something that best fits your pet’s lifestyle.


Our goal is to help you to keep your furry family members happy and healthy by providing convenient access to quality products for your cat or dog that will help your pet thrive. This means that we will only sell quality human-grade pet treats that promote the health of your pet and many products are made here in the USA (some handcrafted).

We especially enjoy making fun and creative pet supplies available to you from independent manufactures who have a passion for animal welfare and enjoy creating innovative supplies that enhance your pet's quality of life while being positive for the environment.

Charitable Giving

The inspiration behind PriceCo Pets is rooted in the owner's days as a volunteer at the city animal shelter, working to help homeless pets find their forever homes. We believe that every cat and dog deserves to be happy, healthy, and thriving in forever homes. Helping homeless pets and promoting the well-being of animals is our passion.

We love to support animal welfare through contributions to local non-profit organizations and thank you for choosing PriceCo Pets for your dog and cat supplies . . . this empowers us to help the community and cause.