Choosing the best harness for your dog or cat

Choosing the best harness for your dog or cat

PriceCo Pets on Dec 19, 2018

Using harnesses for walks with your dog or cat is much better for your furry friend than attaching a leash directly to a collar because they help to eliminate pressure on your pet’s sensitive neck, but with so many harness styles available how do you know which one to purchase?

The best style of harness is subjective, but over time your dog or cat may begin to develop a preference for a specific style, texture, and sometimes even a preference about which paw they want to place through a leg hole first when getting dressed.

Here is a brief overview of the primary harness styles available in our boutique to help make the decision process a bit easier: Step-in harnesses, jacket harnesses, and luxury back-clip harnesses.

Step-in harnesses

Our step in harnesses include those that do not require anything to be pulled over your pet’s head to put on or take off, but rather, their paws are simply placed into the leg holes before the harness is secured at your pets back.

Our step in harnesses are available in multiple colors, patterns, and styles to compliment your pet’s unique personality including styles that are highly adjustable such as the wrap and snap or comfort harness collections, our vest harnesses that look like clothing for your pet, or our colorful and highly breathable American River Choke-Free Collection.  

Jacket harnesses

For dogs or cats that prefer not to have anything pulled over their heads or their paws placed into leg holes while getting dressed, we have our jacket harness and cool mesh harness collections. This style of harness is simply placed over your dog or cat’s back and secured at their tummy as well as the front of their chest, which makes getting dressed quick and easy for both you and your pet without compromising fashion when it comes to great colors, patterns, and textures.

Luxury back-clip harnesses

Our luxury back-clip harnesses by Puppia and Catspia are perfect for dogs and cats that are already comfortable with being dressed, since they do have to be placed over your pet’s head while dressing (*Tip: place your dog or cat’s nose through the head hole first rather than pulling the harness down from the top your pet’s head). This style of harness offers the most choice when it comes to colors, patterns, and textures available.

Using a harness for walks with your pet is a great decision and with all of the fun choices available, finding one that works well for your dog or cat while complimenting their unique personality is easier than ever before.