Vest Harnesses

Choose a luxury step-in harness for your pup to simplify the process of getting your dog ready for walks while being stylish. Our step in harnesses look like little dog vests and are designed to eliminate pressure on your dog’s trachea while out on the town. Choose a step in harness that matches your dog’s personality from our cute selection with choices that come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures for every season.

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  • Puppia Terry Vest Dog Harness (PASD-HB1661)
    $35.99 - $37.99

    Keep your dog cozy all season with this new suede Terry vest style dog harness by Puppia. This luxur…

  • Puppia Rowdy Vest Dog Harness (PATD-HB1768)
    $35.99 - $37.99

    This new Puppia Rowdy vest dog harness is a great way to spruce up your dog’s wardrobe this se…

  • Puppia Racer Vest Dog Harness (PATD-HB1767)
    $39.99 - $41.99

    This new Puppia Racer vest harness is a cute addition to the winter wardrobe and perfect for racing …

  • Puppia Jolly Vest Dog Harness (PATD-HB1765)
    $35.99 - $37.99

    This new argyle Jolly vest harness by Puppia is the perfect blend of classic and contemporary. Decor…

  • Puppia Colonel Vest Dog Harness (PATD-HB1766)
    $35.99 - $37.99

    Stylish and comfortable with a dash of edginess! This new colonel vest dog harness by Puppia is deco…

  • puppia legacy vest dog harness model plrd-hb9346 at PriceCo Pets
    $43.99 - $47.99

    This unique Legacy dog harness vest by Puppia features the pairing of synthetic leather and a breath…

  • puppia baxter dog harness vest model PLSA-HB1602 in 3 color choices available at PriceCo Pets
    $34.99 - $37.99

    Puppia Baxter Vest Harness This Puppia Baxter dog harness vest is decorated in a classic checkered …

  • Puppia Sport dog Harness Vest model PATA-HB1735 in 3 colors at PriceCo Pets
    $32.99 - $35.99

    About the Puppia Sport Vest Harness Help your dog to feel like part of the family on game day with …

  • puppia verna dog harness vest in red or pink at PriceCo Pets

    Your dog will look fabulous wearing this new Puppia Verna Vest Harness. Decorated in a bold pattern …

  • Puppia zorion dog harness vest in blue or red at PriceCo Pets
    $32.99 - $35.99

    About the Puppia Zorion Vest Harness Include your dog in the festivities this Independence day with…

  • puppia quinn dog harness vest in beige or navy blue at PriceCo Pets
    $32.99 - $35.99

    About the Puppia Quinn Vest Harness Pair style and comfort for your dog with convenience for you wi…

13 of 13 Items